Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigation System

Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigation System


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Old Code: PROJET101

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The old code for this product is: PROJET101

Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigator is designed by doctors with innovative pulsatile irrigation. Utilising the most modern production methods the Projet 101 was designed to fulfil the most demanding surgeries and hospital ward requirements for a reliable, leak free and easy to use machine that is not expensive to run and does not require constant maintenance and subsequent down time. A new and improved design design increases the safety, comfort and effectiveness of ear canal cleaning by utilising a gentle, pulsating
cyclone wash.

Features and Benefits

  • Extra long mains lead and handle hose so machine can be sitted where it is most convenient
  • Integral wall mount frees up valuable work space by wall mounting the Projet™ however easily removed for cleaning etc
  • Sliding flow regulator conveniently mounted in handle. Water flow can be temporarily stopped by sliding regulator to off position or flow regulated by sliding control to desired position
  • Ultra thin atraumatic tips help visualisation and direction of water flow
  • Digital control of water pressure and flow is easy to operate and remains constant and reproducible
  • Smart protection with auto shut off
  • Projet 101 Ear Irrigator is designed by doctors with innovative pulsatile irrigation.


  • Brand: Innovative Medical Solutions
  • Product: Projet 101 Ear Irrigator (PROJET101)
  • Reservoir: 500mL
  • Pressure: 860 - 1060 hpa
  • Static pressure: 0.25 - 3 bar maximum
  • Unit of measurement: Each
  • Image is sample of product


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