Vital Medical Supplies Returns Policy

1.1 This Clause  does not apply to goods purchased by customers who are consumers within the meaning of the Australian Consumer Law and where the return is made because the goods do not comply with the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer

1.2 If the customer wishes to return the Goods, the customer must request a Returned Goods Authorisation (RGA). The customer may only return the goods upon receiving an RGA number for Vital. When requesting an RGA, the original invoice number is required to be quoted. All returned goods must be properly packed, clearly labelled with the RGA number, and returned via Vital’s nominated means.

1.3. To the extent permitted by law, returns will not be accepted if:
(a) the Goods were delivered more than 24 hours prior to the request for return;
(b) the Goods are returned incomplete, or have been used;
(c) the Goods are received by Vital in a damaged or unsaleable condition, or are not in their original unopened packaging;
(d) the Goods were not stored and/or shipped back to Vital in accordance with the manufacturer’s or Vital’s recommendations;
(e) the Goods are not normal Vital stock items and have been procured by Vital to meet a specific customer requirement;
(f) the Goods are not returned to Vital’s nominated warehouse;
(g) the Goods have expired; or
(h) the Goods are cold chain category products.

1.4. If it is determined that the customer was not entitled to return the Goods (for example, clause 6.2 applied in respect of the Goods), Vital may charge a re-stocking fee (minimum $30) together with any other charges (including freight) incurred by Vital in connection with such return. If a handling fee was charged at the time of the purchase of the Goods, the customer will not be entitled to a refund or credit of that handling fee.